Sir Mohinder Dhillon has shot endless documentaries in his 60 years of his career as a film maker all over the world. Some of them have won prestigious International awards .The outstanding ones include Vietnam After the WarAfrican Runners depicting the birth of athletics.

Producer/director Edward Miller and D.O.P Mohinder Dhillon spent ten weeks in Vietnam capturing the foully of the U.S.A destroying the whole range of environment with Agent Orange harming the natural forests including the Mangrove forests as well as affecting the humans in the process. They lost the war and escaped with their tails between the legs.

Who gave the U.S.A mandate to invade Northern Vietnam for no reason?
This film is the true, honest assessment of the war.

Briefly, Tom Mboya did more for Kenya than any other leader in many areas including education. While other leaders were in detention, Tom Mboya organised admissions and airlifts for thousands of Kenyan young men seeking to study in the U.S.A, amongst them Barack Obama Senior who birthed the first African-American president. Unfortunately, Tom Mboya’s reward was an assassin’s bullet.

Film producer/director John Dollar and D.O.P Mohinder Dhillon teamed up to produce this film to celebrate Emperor Haile Sellasie’s 100th birthday. Originally, the film was about the Rastafari Movement who worshipped the King of Judah. Rastafarians from all over the world congregated in Addis Ababa and Bob Marley’s music was echoing at the Bhingis where the rastafarians sang, danced and smoked grass. Mohinder Dhillon was chosen to travel extensively with the Emperor on many occassions on behalf of the Palace. The film shows the historical facts of Ethiopia as it was once occupied by the Italians.

No Easy Walk was a series of films featuring the struggle and tribulations before the independence of emerging African Nations. The film contains intresting interviews capturing the history of Kenya when the country was united and moving forward.

Unlike its title, the film shows Robert Mugabe as a very upcoming, sensible leader in exile in Mozambique. He was very bitter against the British government with lots of justifications. His wife, Sally Mugabe played an active role in step with her husband and organised demonstrations encouraging women movements to join the liberation struggle

Wangari Maathai was the first African woman to recieve a Nobel Peace Prize due to her outstanding work in preserving the environment under the banner of the Green Belt Movement. Unfortunately, at home she remained an unsung heroine. Former president, Daniel Arap Moi described her as a mad woman, chasing her out of the Green Belt offices. She’s the saviour of the only public park where Kenyans can go and relax.

The 1984 Ethiopian famine was ignored by the world community. An year early in 1983, David Smith of ITN and camera man Mohinder Dhillon were awed by the suffering of the people especially the very young and elderly. David Smith predicted in 1983 that if nothing is done, as many as 6 million people will be affected but his message was ignored and that’s exactly how the events unfolded. This film has got a strong message from Mother Theresa now Saint Theresa. The dedicated health workers had to play God and decide which child will live or die tearfully explaining that there’s no food for everybody. In the opinion of Mohinder Dhillon, nobody should be put in a position to play God.

Africa Runners is a 50 minute film about the birth of Athletics in East Africa highlighting Kenyan and Ethiopian highlanders long distance runners. It captures the spirit of aspiring athletes with names like Abebe Bakila of Ethiopia who won the first gold medal for Africa followed by Kipchoge Keino, the famous long distance runner who won many medals including gold and is a first class human being on and off the field.